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Abaddon is a small town in the Magic World. It was where Aikawa escaped to with Kawajiri after his showdown with En.


Not much is known about the look of the town except is near to a forest, proximate to Berith. Apparently is abandoned, at least near Aikawa and Kawajiri where, with no buildings and big plains. Only the house where Aikawa took care of Kawajiri is spotted.


After the showdown with En destroyed the hostel where Natsuki, Nikaido and Kaiman went (and the Cross-Eyes Top Officers where working), Kawajiri used all his remaining strength after been transformed once again into a Magic User, to teleport him and the one who he though was Nikaido's friend out of the falling debris, after a brief look at the man he rescue, he notices he no longer had a lizard head, the burden of been around completely flayed made him pass out.

A month later he woke up by Aikawa, and asked if he was the man called Kaiman, not wanting to get involved, he simply replied to not known anybody with that name, with a mummified body in medical bandages, Kawajiri teleported away, with Aikawa accidentally going with him, leaving the town.